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Mac Sleeve
Pencilcase - 016
Cord Buttler
"Gradually the craftsman would see the sum of his efforts come together,
He would become more and more passionate, he'd add a little soul to his labour"
(L. Einaudi) "il Buongoverno

Our skins are sourced with care at the best tanners for impeccable quality and guaranteed provenance. We make a point in selecting Exotic skins ONLY from animals bred in captivity. The skins are prized for their quality and inimitable texture. They are exacting to craft, each skin having its own individual characteristics

Our workshops are always open to new challenges and ideas.


We aim to shorten the gap between boutiques, designers, end costumer and production. Our approach is uterly collaborative, listed some of  our  most successful collaboration with various people and brands. Thanks to the unique mix of expertise that everyone brings to each project,we have created an outstanding mix of products.

For assistance with your corporate gift-giving needs:
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Our Accessories are available in selected boutiques, all realised in exclusive leathers and linings to make you feel the uniqueness of your item day in and day out.
If you are looking for a specific accessory,
please contact us:
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