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Ascoli’s accessories are functional and understated, for those whose raison d’etre is not to be seen but to experience. Meticulously designed, and handcrafted in Italy from the finest quality leather, each piece presents a challenge to the artisans: to make small pleasures from simple things.
Ascoli1908 Logo
Our 5 golden rules
1 Treat customers the way we’d like to be treated.
Let us take care of the hustle. They don’t call it the golden rule for nothing. shopping should be easy, fun and trustworthy. and in the end of the day our products are made for you.

2 who made it
The importance to know and value who made what you buy. the support of craftsmanship made possible and achievable. the century-old tradition of making leather goods is handed down from generation to generation

3 Create an environment where we can think big, have fun, and do good. (integrity and inclusion)
We do not want to take ourselves too seriously as we are not working in an emergency room but we want to deliver kickass products. We want to have fun with the people we work with and enjoy what we do. Still we want to deliver products that give you the same excitement without compromises on quality.

4 Get out of the office and get rid of old school working schedules
breathe the buzz on the streets, get out and meet people to stay up to date with what counts. We firmly believe in collaborations as we can joins forces and expertise, challenging the beaten path. HANDS ON! we spend time with our artisans, falling in love with the craft to know the products from the start and encourage experimentation. know what you work with, everyone is good at sitting at a desk.

5 Sustainability is good.
challenge the status quo. consider the impact on the environment and people.
Ascoli works exclusively with small workshops in Italy, trusting the highly-specialised artisans who have known the Ascoli family for years.
Ascoli Artisan at work


The quality of design and work shown in something made by hand; artistry:
Ascoli artisan at work, sewing machine
Their rapport is based on a shared passion for a century of individual heritage, and the desire to defend a rare set of skills. Whilst the designers rely on this craft to make their visions a reality, they simultaneously reinvigorate it by challenging the artisans to create something new.

With each visit to the workshop, the designers reconnect with the craft and are reminded of their love for the leather itself. In fact, one of Sofia’s fondest memories is of walking through the factory as a child: greeted by the sound of rhythmically clicking sewing machines, and enveloped by the rich smell of leather.
Ascoli hands on
Ascoli Artisan at work, bag construction
Such nuances are emphasized by the craft in each piece: for those who appreciate not only the look of the leather but the feel and even the scent.
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