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Ascoli designs functional and understated accessories, for those whose raison d’etre is not to be seen but to experience. Handcrafted in Italy from the finest quality leather.
2 0 1 1   S o f i a   &   S a r a
Having lain dormant for 20 years, the Ascoli brand was rekindled in 2011 by the founder’s great-granddaughter, Sofia and fellow designer Sara. Today the two designers draw upon their hectic lives in the city, and regular travelling, to inspire new concepts. Thanks to their long-standing rapport with the artisans (and healthy dose of humour), the pair can afford to be a little pushy: encouraging experimentation, and applying traditional techniques to clean, contemporary designs.
Where it all began...
1 9 0 8   -   E r n  e s t o 
Ascoli’s unique story began in Genoa in 1908, when Ernesto Ascoli founded the original family business: Ascoli Luxury Boutiques. A passionate sailor, and father to seven children, he was a dynamic man used to being at the helm. His practical nature was reflected in the trunks, cases, and travel accessories which were simple but crafted with integrity, whilst his directness earned him the respect of his customers. Ascoli’s designs are very different today, yet Ernesto’s appreciation for craft continues, and his signature seahorse adds a touch of escapism to every piece.
1 9 3 4   -   R e n a t o

As the decades went by the business expanded and Ernesto’s son, Renato, started the production of a new range of 'Ascoli' luxury leather goods. To accommodate this new venture Renato moved from Genova to Varese, where he invested in a factory of talented local artisans.

1 9 6 9   M a u r i z i o   &   C  l a u d i o
The 1970s weren’t known for understatement, but Renato’s sons Claudio and Maurizio somehow managed to maintain the elegant Ascoli aesthetic. As the scale and reputation of the brand grew, they began producing for labels such as Gucci, Lanvin, and La Bottega Veneta, and by the 1980s they were selling handmade Italian leather goods worldwide. In the mid 1990s the Ascoli brand caught the attention of a Japanese corporation who bought the entire business.
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